Individual Therapy

I am passionate about working with teens (12-18yrs) and adults!

Individual therapy is NOT simply sitting down and talking about problems! Well, what is it you might ask? Though there is some venting and talking about frustrations, therapy is primarily focused on identifying the problems and looking towards where you want to go and how to get there. Often times several factors impede you from achieving what you want to achieve and feeling what you want to feel. These factors can present as, but are not limited to:

Our time together will be spent working together to do more than just reducing the negative effects that the above factors have on your life. We will turn our attention to what you can do to move towards optimal living. In other words, we do not sit and talk about making the depression go away. We identify your strengths, abilities, and skills and build on these to help you do what you want to do and live each day in a meaningful way.

There is no cookie cutter approach to therapy. You are unique and deserve an individual plan for success. Thus, I do not believe in using the exact same treatment approach with every individual. Although each modality I use is focused on magnifying and generalizing your strengths, they are different in how they determine the flow of each session and what techniques we use. Once we have had our initial session, you and I can decide together what treatment approach fits best with your individual style. Each of the modalities has reputable research supporting the effectiveness of the interventions. These treatment approaches are listed below:

Structure of Therapy

Initial session: 1 hour – 1.5 hours. We will assess what brought you to therapy, identify
what your goals are in therapy, and develop a plan. We will decide on an approximate
number of sessions. In the event you desire to know if you meet criteria for a diagnosis
(ie. Major Depression) time can be allocated to discussing what a diagnosis means for

Remaining sessions: 50 minutes. Each session will have a plan that is flexible and
focused on your needs.

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